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June 28, 2011

So I have come to the realization that July is going to be insanely busy for me.  Aside from work, my involvement at LifePoint, and a certain lady who takes up a fair amount of my time as of late, I have a lot of things on my plate.

First, I am traveling down to Texas (the Austin area) this weekend to do my first (of hopefully many) wedding!  My dear friends Corey and Alli are getting hitched, and I get to do the hitching.  I will also be preaching on community at LifePoint Center City on July 24th at the evening service.  Toward the end of the month I will again make the trek to Texas, but this time it will be to Abilene and the Fort Worth area.  The Abilene portion will involve my grandmother’s 90th birthday, a family reunion, videotaping interviews with my long-time mentor Jack Ridlehoover.  I will head over to Fort Worth to preach at CityView Church on the 31st, and I am both honored and very excited to be preaching on of Romans 3:9-21 at my old home church.

Things at LifePoint have definitely been gearing up in the last couple of months.  I’ve taken on a couple of people that I’ll be walking through the process of Gospel Coaching with, and I will also be launching and leading a new community group for LifePoint Center City.  Not to mention I’ve also been slated to lead the discussions for Aspire (the theological training class at LifePoint) and we have our first class and first round of papers due on the 10th.

All of that to say, first I would appreciate your prayers.  It is no small task to labor in God’s Word for preaching, and I pray that he would lead those times with me faithfully so that I might glorify him with the voice and mind he has given me.  Second, I would appreciate your patience – I am simply overwhelmed at this point and do not plan on updating this blog during the month of July.  I do plan on writing and posting my thoughts and reactions when time permits, but I doubt it will be before August.

Thank you for reading, thank you for the encouragement along the way, and thank you for praying for me.

Death to Life.

– NJ

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